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Rising Star Outreach provides a unique experience for those who want to alleviate the suffering of India’s leprosy affected population.

Volunteer expedition participants sponsor Rising Star’s medical, colony development, and Sponsor A Child programs while personally witnessing how their contributions make a difference. They meet their sponsored children, interact with students attending the Rising Star Outreach of India school, provide individualized service and compassionate care for leprosy affected people in the colonies, and experience the culture of the country.


Personally witness how your contributions make a lasting impact through the medical, colony development, education, and Sponsor A Child programs.


Spend time with your sponsored child and the other students on our school campus, and also provide compassionate care for the leprosy affected patients.


Experience the unique customs, ancient traditions, and flavorful cuisine of India through meaningful interactions with locals and while touring cultural heritage sites.


•  Alleviate suffering of the leprosy affected

•  Contribute to the needs of the colony

•  Play and interact with the children at our school

•  Engage in rich cultural experiences

•  Explore significant local and world heritage sites

•  Optional Tours to Taj Mahal, New Delhi, and more


•  Change your life as you lift those with leprosy

•  Provide service and compassionate care

•  Form a lasting bond with your sponsored child

•  Develop a strong friendship with other volunteers

•  Be an ambassador as you share your experience


•  Change your life as you lift those with leprosy

•  Provide service and compassionate care

•  Form a lasting bond with your sponsored child

•  Develop a strong friendship with other volunteers

•  Be an ambassador as you share your experience


•  Try a variety of different Indian dishes

•  Participate in cultural exchange discussions

•  Wear traditional Indian clothing

•  Visit cultural heritage sites in Tamil Nadu

•  Learn how to drape a saree and tie a lungi


In order to better fulfill the needs and wishes of potential volunteers, we offer multiple 6, 9, and 12-day programs throughout the year. We also offer the opportunity to schedule private expeditions that are perfect for families, companies, university clubs, or special projects groups. Please note: Although this list is updated regularly, expeditions can fill up very fast. Please contact Shalay Branch for current availability or to schedule a private expedition. 


Expedition Name

Expedition Dates

Optional Tour Dates

Program Cost


2017 Thanksgiving Nov 19-24 Nov 25-28 $900 Call for availability
Women to Women 1 Jan 7-13 Jan 14-17 $1100 Call for availability
Women to Women 2 Jan 21-29 Jan 30 - Feb 2 $1300 Call for availability
Women to Women 3 Feb 18-24 Feb 25-28 $1300 Call for availability
Private Family Session Feb 25-28 Feb 29 - Mar 5 $900 Private Group
Spring Break 1 Mar 11-16 Mar 17-20 $1000 10 Spots Available
Spring Break 2 Mar 18-23 Mar 24-27 $1000 SOLD OUT
Spring Break 3 Mar 25-30 Mar 31 - Apr 3 $1000 SOLD OUT
Summer Expedition 1 June 10-18 June 19-22 $1300 10 Spots Available
Summer Expedition 2 June 24 - July 2 July 3-6 $1300 10 Spots Available
Summer Expedition 3 July 8-16 July 17-20 $1300 10 Spots Available
Summer Expedition 4 July 22 - Aug 1 Aug 2-5 $1500 10 Spots Available
Summer Expedition 5 Aug 5-11 Aug 12-15 $1100 10 Spots Available
Summer Expedition 6 Aug 19-29 Aug 30 - Sept 3 $1500 10 Spots Available
Thanksgiving Expedition Nov 18-23 Nov 24-27 $1000 10 Spots Available
December Expedition Dec 16-27 Dec 22-25 $1000 10 Spots Available

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One life can make a difference.

“Our trip to India taught us many things, but perhaps the most important was that of the power and influence of “The One.” One organization that embodies this is Rising Star Outreach whose mission is ‘to lift those with leprosy.’

“Together with volunteers and a global staff, Rising Star seeks to provide medical care, education and opportunity to those suffering from this curable and treatable disease. Whether it’s volunteering with a global charity or making a difference in the life of someone next door, we challenge you to #BeTheOne wherever you live in helping to make this world a better place one good deed at a time.”

Bradley Quinn Lever, Casey Elliot, Brad Robins



“Rising Star was a transformational experience. The organization gave me the support to create real change and impact dozens of lives for the better, including my own.”


“I will never forget the feeling of stepping foot on the Rising Star Campus for the first time. The feeling of love is tangible. Thanks to Rising Star Outreach, there is significant, tremendous work happening amongst the leprosy colonies of southern India! I have been changed forever.”


“Traveling to India to volunteer with Rising Star with 14 members of my family was a life-altering experience. Watching them eat, play and work with the students was a suburb act of love and service only to be exceeded by the opportunity to sing, play and rub wounded limbs with soothing oil at several different leprosy colonies…truly unforgettable experiences.”


“I had the amazing opportunity this year to travel to India and volunteer with Rising Star Outreach. Being there during World Leprosy Day and serving people who spent most of their lives being treated as “untouchable” was an experience I will never forget. Rising Star has made such an incredible impact in the fight against leprosy in India, and I can’t wait to see the work continue to grow. I met a lot of people during my time there who touched my heart, both inside and outside of the leprosy colonies. This experience has made a lasting impact on my life, and I will be forever grateful for it!”


“Volunteering with Rising Star Outreach was an incredible and life changing experience. I loved to work for smiles and blessings of strangers, for moments where you share tears and laughs with people who are among the poorest. I am still amazed that I was the one who came to serve, and yet, their’s was the greater gift – they were the ones who better helped and served me!”


“Volunteering with Rising Star was one of the richest experiences of my life so far. As a medical student, it was fascinating for me to learn about leprosy as a disease and a public health concern, as well as the heartbreaking ways in which it impacts people’s quality of life and physical ability. The most important lessons I learned with Rising Star, however, were less about what is physically and medically disabling, and much more about how social stigmas and cultural attitudes can neglect, isolate, and de-humanize people. Never before in my life have I been so poignantly aware of my responsibility to care for people with not only medical attention, but dignity, humanity, compassion and love. It was truly life-changing.”


Shalay Branch

Shalay Branch

International Programs & Outreach Director

Hello! As the International Programs and Outreach Director, I love observing volunteer experiences. From sponsoring and interacting with a child that attends the Rising Star Outreach school in India, to sharing with and learning about those in the leprosy colonies that we serve, to enjoying cultural activities and the additional tour of India after your stay, your volunteer experiences will create memories and connections to last a lifetime. I look forward to meeting you and helping you prepare for your to travel to India. Please be sure to contact me regarding any questions and don’t forget to share all about your experiences when you return! For any questions, please contact me at 801.820.0466 or

Dr. Nancy Sorensen

Dr. Nancy Sorensen

International Programs Officer

Nancy has been volunteering with Rising Star Outreach for over 8 years.  She has also served on the Rising Star Board for over 3 years.  For the last 11 years she was the principal of Manila Elementary School in Pleasant Grove, UT.  Formerly she was an administrator in the Granite School District. She is a graduate of BYU (BS), USU (MS), and U of U (PhD) so she cheers for many Utah sports teams. She has 4 children, 11 grandchildren, and is newly married to Daryl McMurrin.  She loves to travel, hike, and meet new friends. Serving with Rising Star Outreach is a highlight in her life.

Daryl McMurrin

Daryl McMurrin

Deputy IPO

With this recent marriage to Nancy Sorensen, Daryl has be inducted to the Rising Star Outreach family. Daryl is a UCLA graduate in electronic engineering and he has worked with NASA, Litton, and Hercules Aerospace. Since his retirement, he has worked as a substitute teacher in the secondary schools of Thousand Oaks, CA. Widowed twice thus married twice, he has two biological children, 9 stepchildren, and multiple grandchildren. He loves to grow fruit trees, and work with the Boy Scouts. He is excited to work with Rising Star Outreach to make a difference in the lives of leprosy affected people.

Natalie Beal

Natalie Beal

International Programs Facilitator

I originally grew up in Park City, Utah but now live in San Luis Obispo, California. While there, I am attending Cal Poly University and majoring in Environmental Management and Protection with a pre-law concentration. I love traveling and experiencing new cultures, but no matter where I go, India will always have a special place in my heart. I originally came to Rising Star on a high school trip when I was 16 years old and fell in love with the students and colonies members. This is my third trip to India, and I’m so excited to be back at Rising Star Outreach.


We are very grateful for the dedicated efforts of our IPO and Facilitators as they work to create great experiences for our volunteers. If you are interested in serving with Rising Star Outreach as an IPO or Facilitator and would like more information, please contact Shalay Branch at 801.820.0466 or

International Programs Officer:
The IPO lives in India, plans and coordinates experiences for our volunteers with specialized oversight and leadership to ensure that each group is safe during their stay. He/she provides needed service on campus and in the colonies as volunteers gain a better understanding of Indian culture, a first-hand knowledge of leprosy, and of the people affected by this disease. Many of our IPO’s have volunteered with us before and are familiar with the Rising Star Outreach of India staff and the families in the colonies we serve.
International Programs Facilitator:
Many hands make light work for everyone involved. Our International Programs Facilitators live in India and make sure that you receive support, instruction, and information during your expedition. They work hand-in-hand with the IPO to stay on schedule and facilitate the projects and experiences planned for each expedition. While serving in the colonies, on campus, or learning more about India’s rich history and culture, they are nearby to help with every detail.

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